by Celia O. Hilson

Celia Hilson

Grief, Grace, and Gratitude Part I

I woke up every morning with a heaviness in my chest. I had not had a feeling that intense since the loss of someone very dear to me. And that feeling, that raw unrelenting feeling of tightness around my heart made my breath shallow. It was an unrelenting weight like an elephant sitting on me… …

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Celia Hilson - Narrative Therapist

A Living Legacy of Authoring Wisdom through Mid Life

Every year I create a word of the year. It is part inspiration and part accountability for me to practice living my life in an embodied way. During the year of 2022, I chose the word Legacy. It is a noun which means: the long-lasting impact of particular events that took place in the past …

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“To connect with our bodies is to learn to trust ourselves, and from that comes power.”

- Mirka Knaster