Woman's Circle Retreat Plainfield, MA

With Celia O. Hilson

Uncage Your Sage!

Authoring Wisdom Through Midlife

sage n. One venerated for experience, judgment, and wisdom.

Midlife, for many women, is a time of powerful change… physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It’s a time when many transitions occur: menopause, divorce, career change, children or dependents become more independent and that desire for more to life has grown too loud to ignore.

But all this change can be overwhelming, especially if you have spent your entire life prioritizing the wants and needs of others, or just can’t see how valuable you really are.

If you are feeling lost, stuck, unsupported, exhausted, or unsure of who you really are, please know that you are not alone, you are not broken, and this is your season to uncage your sage.

This is YOUR season!

This is your season, and this is the turning point in your story. A chance to reconnect, reconfirm and renew your experience of life.

  • You can reconnect to joy, playfulness, and sensuality.

  • You can courageously live your authentic self.

  • You can add joy and magic to your life.

This is your season to get the support you need to feel grounded in your identity, own your story and experience connection, healing, and liberation. To live unapologetically as your wise, authentic self.

Are you ready?

Introducing Celia Hilson

Celia Hilson - Spiritual Healing Retreats

Hi there!

I’m Celia Hilson, an experienced facilitator, dedicated therapist, and intuitive healer.

I am also a teacher, mother, and social justice educator, and I help women in midlife discover their immense value and connect to their magic.

My commitment is to raising women up by breaking through limiting beliefs and unleashing our innate wisdom.

For over 20 years, I have been helping women reclaim their true selves and see that each of their experiences, good or bad, holds sacred value in their life story. My goals are for you to feel seen, heard and valued for who you really are, and discover life grounded in your identity and owning your story.

Let me hold space for you to reclaim your joy, confidence, & courage. To be playful, to recognize your wisdom and unveil your next chapter.

“Stand in your wisdom, own your wisdom, and share it as part of your legacy."

- Celia Hilson

Women’s Circle Retreat, Northampton, MA

Discover & celebrate your sageness

February 3-5 2023

I am thrilled to announce a women’s circle retreat in Northampton, MA.

Join me and a group of like-minded women, who wish to connect, heal, and grow in a playful and supportive space.

In this empowering event, you will:

  • Reclaim lost parts of yourself.

  • Create a new future to step into.

  • Reconnect mind, body, and spirit.

  • Feel held, nurtured, and understood.

  • Grow in the company of open-hearted women who genuinely “see” you.

  • Unleash your sage, and the power of your wisdom.

What to expect from our Women’s Circle Retreat

Our Women’s Circle Retreat is a transformational 3 days/2 nights, in-person event in Northampton, MA. Enjoy a small, curated group of women who are ready to honor their midlife experiences and shift focus from aging to saging.

You will enjoy:

  • Narrative therapy to help embody, reinterpret, and empower your story.

  • Nurture body and energy healing treatments, including massage and chakra balancing.

  • Grounding and restorative accommodation majestically poised in Plainfield, MA at Nine Mountain Retreats.

  • Culinary indulgence catered by the Nine Mountain Retreat staff.

Womans Circle Retreat Northampton MA
Womens Circle Retreat Northampton MA

Healing Retreat Details

February 3rd-5th 2023

$500 dorm package
fully catered with shared lodging

$700 private room package
fully catered with a private room

payment options
choose 1 or 3 payments

Women’s Circle Retreat
Northampton, MA

Now is your season for rediscovery!

Are you ready to uncage your sage?

Call me to enquire, connect
and see if you are a good fit.


What is a women’s circle?

My vision of a women’s circle is one that cultivates a supportive and nurturing space for inner connection, collective sisterhood, playfulness, self reflection, shared learning and healing. I want you to feel seen, safe, heard, and valued. To be taken care of and to have fun! I want you to play, laugh, discover, and connect to your magic. I want these things for you because you deserve them. This is your season to “uncage your sage”!

How will I know if it is right for me?

This is an intimate women’s circle retreat experience, so it’s important that the group is a good fit, so I offer a free call to connect, answer questions and give us a chance to decide if you are a suitable candidate for the group.

How should I prepare for the women’s retreat?

Show up just as you are with a readiness for change, willingness to be brave, a desire to be your most authentic self, and find the next chapter of your life and be open to your legacy now and not later. You can trust that this will be a safe, confidential place where you can be seen, felt, heard without being judged.

Will there be meals included?

Yes! The meals will be prepared on site each day. My goal is for you to feel completely considered, cared for, and nurtured in mind, body and spirit. Nine Mountain staff will provide delicious, healthy, and nurturing meals. Please let me know if you have any allergies or special dietary needs and we will look after you.