Personal Narrative Intuitive Healing Retreat

Spiritual Healing Retreat for Women in Northampton MA or online.

Unleash your Inner Wisdom:

Gain Liberation through Personal Narrative

Is your past holding you back from making the most of your life now?

Do you cycle through negative stories, struggling to break free from self-doubt and self-criticism?

These challenges can have a profound impact, shaping our lives, limiting our ability to form meaningful relationships, and stifling our potential.

Navigating the complexities of our stories can be daunting, but you don’t have to do it alone.

“To unpack your stories is to unburden yourself...
It is pivotal to the healing process.”

- Celia Hilson

Introducing Celia Hilson

Therapy Guided Coach & Intuitive Healer

Celia Hilson - Spiritual Healing Retreats

Welcome, my name is Celia Hilson.

I am a narrative therapist, relational therapist, storyteller, and coach. I am a teacher, mother, seer and conduit of healing, and I have threaded my wisdom through each role.

For over 20 years, I have been helping women see that every experience, good or bad, holds sacred value in your life story. In this process, you can reclaim your true self.

My goals are for you to feel seen, heard and valued for who you really are, and discover life owning your story, grounded in your identity.

I am a fierce advocate for women to have space to heal through storytelling, and I am committed to holding that space for you.

Personal Narrative, Intuitive Healing Retreats for Women in Northampton MA or Worldwide via Zoom!

I am excited to offer narrative therapy and intuitive healing retreats for women in Northampton, MA, or online via Zoom.

These retreats are personal, tailored to you, and help you uncover your inner wisdom, heal past wounds, and create a compelling narrative for your life.

Whether we meet in-person or online, this spiritual healing retreat provides a safe and nurturing space to explore your life story and tap into your potential.

Reclaim your joy and confidence, recognize your wisdom and unveil your next chapter in this powerful 3-hour spiritual healing retreat.

Intuitive healing

“My life is forever changed after being in such a safe and sacred space.

I felt divinely seen and held in the beautiful space that you created. I was able to recapture the parts of me that I longed to reconnect with and heal. This was such a magical experience that I hope you will offer it again.”

- CH, Childhood Educator

What to expect from your healing retreat

In this spiritual healing retreat, our time is sacred and entirely focused on you. After some time to connect, we journey through three transformative steps to release the stories that keep you small and rediscover your authentic self.

  • Narrative Therapy

    We begin our journey with narrative therapy, a powerful approach to healing, that empowers you as the author of your own story.

    When painful stories get stuck in the body, they create blockages that can limit your experience of life. With the tools of narrative therapy we unpack your stories, re-author and reframe them. This is extremely healing and liberating, especially as many women have never had their stories witnessed before.

    With narrative therapy, you discover that the story causes the problem, not you. It is a more gentle approach to examine traumatic events and you will experience a knowing that these problems exist outside of you, rather than define you.

  • Journaling

    Journaling is an incredibly cathartic process that brings feelings up and out of the body to journey through healing. It is a non-judgemental practice of having a witness to your uncensored thoughts and emotions, creating space for relief, peace and empowerment.

    This is the creative part of your retreat that may include music or movement. If you don’t want to write, you can draw, paint or colour-we can flow with any form of expression.

  • Intuitive Bodywork

    Intuitive Healing Bodywork is the spiritual aspect of our healing work, and a chance to connect, acknowledge, and liberate stories stuck in your body. You may lie down or sit up fully clothed.

    If you are comfortable and physically present, I lay hands for energy-based healing, and if you are on Zoom or prefer no touch, I teach you how to do it yourself. This work is gentle-yet-powerful and very similar to Reiki.

Healing Retreat Details

A 3-hour experience
in person or via Zoom

pay in full

3 x $200
payment plan

How to book?

Discover the power of storytelling and unlock your inner wisdom!

Email me to enquire, connect and see if you are a good fit. We can meet through Zoom, or in person in Northampton MA


What should I wear to the spiritual healing retreat?

I recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing to ensure maximum relaxation during your retreat.

How can I best prepare for the intuitve healing retreat?

Be prepared to go deep, have fun and be taken care of! To make the most out of your experience, come with an open mind and bring your questions and curiosity.

Please know that emotions may arise during the retreat, but this is a safe space to explore. All and any emotions are welcome.

Please bring:

  • Special items that are important to you, like sentimental memorabilia or a family photo.
  • A journal or something special to write with.
  • Your own water bottle.
  • Any other special items that will enhance your experience.
Is this retreat suitable for people with different abilities?

Absolutely. I can adjust the healing retreat process to cater to individual needs and movements that are suitable for your body or personal requirements.

What should I do after the healing retreat?

I recommend drinking plenty of water and taking time to rest and recharge. I also advise scheduling the retreat on a day when you do not have any important events to attend afterwards! The ideal post retreat activities are calm, nurturing and comfortable.

What’s included in the intuitive healing retreat?

This is a 3-hour spiritual healing retreat, booked at a time that is mutually convenient.

As well as guiding, facilitating, and holding space for you, I provide some relaxing sustenance, tailored to your individual dietary needs.

We will break at least once, depending on the flow. This is your time and space. My goal is for you to experience feeling understood, heard, and held in a deeply restorative way.

I love essential oils, but if you have any sensitivities, please let me know.

Can I do a payment plan?

Yes, we can do a payment plan for this intuitive healing retreat!

As well as the usual pay-up-front option. We can stage your payments with the option of three installments. Please ensure that payment is made in full prior to our meeting time. If you have any other requirements, please ask!

What is narrative therapy?

Narrative therapy is a therapeutic approach that delves into your life story, empowering you to take ownership of their narrative.

With narrative therapy, you are free to express your story, in your own words, at your own pace, and in your own unique way, with a non-judgmental witness to hold space.

We address your internalised identity perceptions, which may cover culture, gender, family, career, race, abilities and disabilities, aging, how we look, who we are in the world, and more. I work with women of all cultural and racial backgrounds.

Together, we will identify your dominant world view and use techniques such as Family Mapping to gain a better understanding of where those stories are stuck in your body.

What is journaling?

Sometimes I call journaling dumping! Journaling is gives you the opportunity to bring your feelings and thoughts up and out of the body, witnessed and without judgement. It is a way to chronical your journey through the healing process.

I tailor this to you. You can sit down, or lie down. You can choose themes, then journal on these themes. If you don’t want to write, you can draw or paint or colour, or put a song or movement to it. If you are uncomfortable with this I can scribe and we will choose phrases and we pull them together.

What is intuitive bodywork?

To intuit something is a knowing. To intuit what is in the body is to see, feel, notice, connect, and acknowledge what is in the body. Connecting and getting out of our own way. We work with breathing first, expanding the heart front to back, allowing what needs to come through.

Intuitive healing bodywork takes trust, for some, we may decide not to do this in the first session if you need more time. We go at your pace and comfort level.

What issues can benefit from this healing retreat for women?

This healing retreat can be liberating for women suffering with depression, procrastination, trauma, unworthiness, invisibility, abandonment, anxiety, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, immobility, lack of trust in self and lack or trust in others.

Age is a common story that comes up for my clients, stories around age and ageing. What does it mean to be a 40, 50 or 60+ year-old woman? What does the world tell me that it means to be old or older? What will be my legacy?

Mothering/caring is another story, many women are mothering or taking care of people in later stages of life. Some people start out as nurturers, how does that impact your life? Am I selfish if I take care of myself?

Another common story is body changes and sex, sexuality & intimacy. What it means to be in partnership and what it means to partner with yourself. How does your relationship with self, impact other relationships in your life?

There are more mantras than I can count… “everyone leaves me,” “nobody loves me,” “I will never be good enough,” “I am not smart enough,” “I am a late bloomer,” “I am behind,” “I should be at this stage by now.”

Together we will recognise and release your mantras of disillusionment, unhappiness and not feeling seen.

What will I experience from this healing retreat?

During our sessions, my clients commonly report feeling seen, heard, held, validated, grounded, safe, and more vulnerable and trusting.

In their lives, they report feeling transformed, powerful, confident, and the experience of hearing their voice for the first time. They feel they can confront things they had been avoiding.

They also feel stronger in self and in their communities, and being seen differently in their community, because they can hold the transformation when stepping back into old family situations.

Is this a spiritual healing retreat?

In this retreat, we combine therapeutic tools with spiritual guidance. I call on ancestral lineage when I work on a spiritual level, because we are doing family of origin work. So you would need to be comfortable with spiritual exploration, even if it is new to you.

We look at ancestral lineage, the system that has held you up to this point and where parts of that system are dysfunctional and limiting your potential.

Even if you are estranged from your family, there is an integration that happens in this work that allows you to feel whole even if your family is fragmented. It is powerful to witness.

Intuitive healing

“Celia, I cannot thank you enough for sharing your incredible blend...

of wisdom, humor, trust in intuition, spontaneity, and intention with all of us. Your ability to hold space was a sight to behold, and I learned so much simply by observing and feeling your energy.”

- LN, MD