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Every year I create a word of the year. It is part inspiration and part accountability for me to practice living my life in an embodied way.

During the year of 2022, I chose the word Legacy. It is a noun which means: the long-lasting impact of particular events that took place in the past or in a person’s life.

The word Legacy would visit me in my thoughts and my dreams. It became a deeply intentional part of my work as a therapist because I was witnessing a living testimony; a legacy of my client’s life and of their extraordinary lived experiences.

For 17 of my son’s 22 years, I lived a legacy as a single mother who took on both the joy and challenges of raising a child while working and attending undergraduate and graduate studies full-time. I had the wisdom to gather a community circle of sage women who co-parented and supported me through that extraordinary time in my life.

While my son was entering pre-adolescence, I was entering the beginnings of my second adolescence with the onset of menopause during my late 40s as my son was entering his rights of passage into young adulthood. This passage continued into my late fifties.

I struggled with changes in my mood, weight fluctuations, low libido, loss of confidence and the power struggles that arise with parenting a teen. I had also found love in the form of a now long-term loving relationship that has endured through all of these unpredictable changes.

When the pandemic hit, like many of us, I experienced intense fear and uncertainty about the future. I began to ask myself, what is important to me at this juncture of my life? How do I want to spend my time? Who are the people that I want to spend it with? Where do I want to go and how do I want to get there? What are the things that I want to nurture, grow and boldly live out loud?

As a new empty nester, I am both nervous and excited about what’s next. I already know for sure that I want a red carpet event for my 60th birthday in 2023!!!

I already know for sure that my word of the year for 2023 is Vitality. It is a noun meaning “life force”. I already know for sure that I want to build a legacy of creating safe spaces for women to speak/author a life of their own lived wisdom.

I understand with greater clarity that my life experiences have culminated in a place that I can only describe as Sage-full. It is a profoundly wise time of gathering up all of the knowledge that I want to pass on to others. My Sage Self is my living legacy.

I help women in transition phases of life (including menopause), use your innate wisdom to call forth and activate the intuitive parts of yourself that are lost, forgotten, or undiscovered.

In this journey, you will identify areas of growth, strengthen your intuition, and own your life story as a valuable foundation for your next chapter.

Now is the time for rediscovering and reclaiming your essence and rightful purpose in life.

This Is Your Season!

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