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Narrative Therapist. Ma, Med, LMFT

Hi, I am Celia!

I am a narrative therapist, but story has always been an important part of my life. As a young girl, I intuitively understood how stories deeply influenced the way I saw myself and understood the world around me.

Early on, those messages imprinted a dominant worldview that I had to clamp down on my intuition; to dampen my imaginative way of interpreting how I saw others. I understood that my emotions were not to be valued as a salient part of my identity and as a unique gift that I could offer others.

These world messages told me to be quiet and discouraged me from believing that my voice, my intelligence and my feelings were not a valued part of my learning.

Celia Hilson | Narrative Therapist Northampton, MA

Like many women of my generation, I learned that showing signs of intuitive creativity or emotional intelligence was not deemed as a valuable contribution in a world that prized caretaking, nurturing and quietness as more acceptable qualities.

I grew up in a generation that did not value sage advice or story as a playful, vibrant, creative source of life. Being “sage”, in my generation, was reserved for “old people''. I now understand that what I call “sageness” is to be emotionally literate,  playful, sexy, intuitive and vibrant. It is an essential form of healing medicine to share with others. It is an homage to my ancestors as my living legacy.

Celia Hilson - Narrative Therapist

Celia's Bio

Celia O. Hilson is a Narrative Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Individual, Couple & Family Therapy. as well as a Master's in Social Justice Education.

Her professional experiences include 25+ years as a teacher, group facilitator, social justice educator, and multicultural coach. Her client base has included diverse populations including those from marginalized communities, traditional and non-traditional individuals & family systems.

She has additional training in Massage Therapy, Somatic Therapy, Psychosynthesis and Multicultural Coaching. She has a special interest in cross cultural identities and is deeply committed to bringing awareness to and helping clients with healing narratives related to intergenerational and systemic trauma.

She enjoys teaching and promoting awareness about differences regarding gender, race and identity. It is her hope to help foster & facilitate important dialogues while also promoting healing through a learned process of self-care and thriving.

Intuitive healing

“There is something that is so profound, healing, and revolutionary about Celia's work.

She connects deeply and authentically with her clients, meets them where they are, and empowers them to move through healing and growth. As a queer, immigrant, woman of color, it was important for me to be able to trust someone with my experiences and vulnerabilities as I was learning to navigate this complex society.

- SAYEEDA RASHID, Social Worker, Coalition Builder,
and Proud Queer South Asian Woman

“Now is the time to write, sing, shout, and speak your essence from its rightful and purposeful place.

This is your season.

- Celia Hilson

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“To connect with our bodies is to learn to trust ourselves, and from that comes power.”

- Mirka Knaster